Episode 5

Season 2: What are Your Levers as a Leader?

In the research and the book he co-authored (Primed to Perform), Neel Doshi identifies play as the number one motivating factor for performance. He argues that we need to change how we motivate performance. We discuss how forward-looking CEOs are restructuring, the not-so-distant future of our jobs, and ways to make team leadership at any level fun.

“Curiosity and experimentation are at the heart of play.  People intrinsically enjoy learning and adapting. We instinctively seek out opportunities to play.” (Primed to Perform)

GUEST: Neel Doshi

Neel is the co-founder of Vega Factor and co-author of NY Times and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Primed to Perform, published in October 2015 by Harper Collins.

Previously, Neel was a Partner at McKinsey & Company, CTO and founding member of an award-winning tech startup, and employee of several mega-institutions. He studied engineering at MIT and received his MBA from Wharton. In his spare time, he's an avid yet mediocre woodworker and photographer.

Vega Factor is a company building technology to help organizations of all sizes and in any sector transform their culture and achieve the highest levels of performance. Learn more here: vegafactor.com

Primed To Perform introduces the counterintuitive science behind legendary cultures the likes of Southwest Airlines and Starbucks. Learn more here: bit.ly/PrimedToPerform

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