Episode 15

Season 2 TL;DL: Play as a Force for Change

We rarely have as much time as we want these days, so for leaders who want a taste of my brilliant guests this season - or listeners who want a quick reminder of some of the ideas - here it is. Some of the themes that emerged in our discussions this season include: identity, creativity, agency, joy, and getting rid of our outdated notion of work being “serious.” Whether you're looking for individual professional development, inspiration to change the structures in your organization, or a change in the world, take a listen! And then listen to the full episode from someone who inspires you.

This season's guests heard in this order:

  • Neel Doshi, episode 5
  • Kathy Klotz-Guest, episode 1
  • Neville Billimoria, episode 6
  • Gary Ware, episode 11
  • Annette Mason, episode 12
  • Amy Climer, episode 4
  • Jay Guilford, episode 8
  • Jeff Harry, episode 2
  • Mike Ganino, episode 14
  • Natalie Nixon, episode 13
  • Ruksana Hussain, episode 3
  • Garry Ridge, episode 10
  • Michelle Li, episode 7
  • Van Lai DuMone, episode 9

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