Episode 12

Season 2: Intentional, Designed Experiences

In pursuit of the best structure and mindset for leadership development, Annette Mason co-constructs sabbaticals. These aren’t just for those in academia. To the contrary, individuals can use sabbaticals to learn and recover; businesses can use them to create space for transition and growth. What could you do with an intentionally constructed space for curiosity, play, and learning?

"Travel is never a matter of money but of courage." – Paolo Coelho

GUEST: Annette Mason

Annette Mason is a lifelong traveler, learner, and child of the world.

Annette's inner drivers are

  • Faith 
  • Wholehearted Travel 
  • Curiosity 
  • Family 
  • Meaningful Connection

Annette is the Founder of Trilogy Design Works, a human-centered design leadership development practice. Trilogy has evolved into a leadership practice focused on Communication, Connection, and Resilience for business leaders. Leaders get to experience personal and professional growth through fun and innovative practices that include immersive experiences, co-designing sabbaticals and curated global travel via insights tours. Clients get the opportunity to support immersive learning programs for underserved youth to grow their life skills and change the trajectory of their circumstances. 


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Mary Hendra is an executive leader and entrepreneur bringing curiosity, creativity and compassion back into the workplace, into our civic spaces and into our opportunities for adult learning.

In addition to hosting "Lead with a dash of Play," Mary creates unique cohort experiences built on stillness, creativity, and compassion - with a dash of play. Learn more about Mary's work here: https://maryhendra.com/playground/